Thinkers Block

I’ve been in conversation with some fellow coaches recently who have arrived at a place of no worry by adopting the ‘I don’t care’ slogan. It’s causing some laughter, and is actually very funny when you say it to someone when they least expect such a response.  What they are trying to get to though, is a way of being that dismisses over thinking – you know those states where you can’t stop ruminating.  Issues start to look larger than they are, and grow the more we feed them.   It can be distracting day-to-day and in the context of a wider picture, not really worth the time.

It would seem though, that we have a choice about this over thinking (remember nothing wrong with thinking).

Some time ago, I stumbled upon an alternative that seemed so ridiculously simple it seemed a bit silly at the time.  I suddenly realised I could make a choice about what to commit my time to – that I was actually in charge of how to respond to my thinking, even if I wasn’t in charge of the quality of my thinking.  This can mean rejecting the anxious distracting thoughts that arrive out of nowhere – the ones that interfere with the quality of my experience.  So I get to accept or reject those kind of thoughts coming and going into my mind.  I don’t give them any energy, if they do take hold I pay them as little attention as possible.  Diverting my attention to more worthwhile causes.  Often, this can mean doing the task that I am ruminating about rather than wasting my time over thinking in anticipation of doing the task.

What strikes me about this, is that it looks as though the high achievers of the world seem to have this understanding, whether learned or gained through experience.   They deliver regardless, keeping their personal Sat Nav locked on their destination.  These people aren’t successful because they don’t get insecure thinking, they merely transcend it.  Thoughts aren’t our reality they are our illusion.  What’s real is what get’s created, or not, by you despite the quality of your thoughts.


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