Words of Wisdom

The secret to solving problems it would seem, isn’t such a secret at all.  When clients and others talk with me about how they get those aha moments or just simply arrive at new thought, their answers appear to be consistent.

Whilst talking to a CEO recently the same principles came out of the conversation.  We were talking about how she solved problems or got a new idea.  It turns out that the most difficult problems were solved whilst out jogging and listening to her music.  It would seem the solution would arrive when she wasn’t thinking about the problem at all.

It’s an important observation.  Problems rarely get solved in the process of actively searching for the solution.  Even when all the research has been done and everyone you know has offered an opinion or advice, striving to find an answer often does not arrive at one.  We recognise the answer when it feels right, there’s an intuition, gut instinct or good feeling about it.  It has a natural easy feel to it.  We know when we haven’t reached that place.

What other people have shared about their experiences of problem solving suggests there is a ring of truth about this phenomenon.  Our solutions seem to come out of nowhere, when we’re not even thinking about them.  When we have let them go for the day, or the week or the month – in some cases longer.  We have let them go, let go of the struggling, the over thinking.  We’re just in another space.

In this space we are allowing Wisdom to come through, a deeper intelligence that doesn’t require our conscious thought, or conscious mind, it comes from a deeper place.  What’s amazing about this, is all we have to do is create the space for that wisdom to shine through.  So whether you want to run, swim, dance, sing or mediate it’s just good to know that regardless of the conundrum you are wrestling with right now, it appears the less you think about it the quicker the problem gets solved.


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