The Management of Miracles

Someone commented to me recently that they had no idea how I thought of something to write about every week in order to create a blog. They would not know where to start or what to say. It occurred to me that usually, I had no idea what I was going to write about until my laptop was positioned in front of me. It was the intention of writing that actually determined whether I was going to be able to write something or not.

What struck me about this, was the way this played out in day-to-day work and how this ability to set intention was actually key to getting things done. This was regardless of the perceived organization’s cultural and infrastructure problems that often are blamed for keeping us from achieving our goals.

I noticed recently some things that seemed important to me were not set as intentions. They were important but actually, I hadn’t set an intention to start the work and give time to these aspirations, they weren’t a priority. This I see played out in the work place, the need to prioritise the most important tasks and line them up with intention. The art of not being distracted from that intention, this is the art of being unstuck. The simplicity of this approach creates such a shift in performance at a personal and team level that the results can seem almost miraculous. The formula:

Priorities + Intention – Rhetoric = Miracle

If you refuse to believe in miracles, the translation for this is, how to get the job done regardless of the size of the task, especially when everyone thinks the goal is impossible to achieve (miracle grades being minor, moderate and major).   What would your intention be today if failure wasn’t an option?


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