The Best Me…

I was reading today that someone thought that Tony Robbins just didn’t get it.   It being the idea that you don’t replace an old story of your life with a new one, he didn’t get that it’s not about having a new story.

Not wanting to get into a debate about whether Tony Robbins was right or wrong, it was a coincidence that I just happened to be reading Tony Robbins’ new book, Money – Master the Game – 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. What struck me whilst reading the book was that Tony Robbins was really a great teacher. The blending of teaching and coaching versus advice giving had been crossing my mind and this book contained a lot of factual information.

As coaches we are taught not to give advice, that our clients are fully equipped with the ability to make decisions and find solutions all by themselves.   It would seem our most powerful skill is the ability to ask the right questions but not before taking the time to listen with presence. As a trained counselor, I was also taught that giving information could be necessary versus giving advice. Therefore, there is a distinction to be made between giving advice and providing information. Information allows people to make more informed decisions and it really isn’t necessary for you to hang around waiting for someone to work out the hard way that they are missing some!

When I first became a coach, experienced coaches told me I should not tell my workforce what to do, I should let them find their own way. So struggling to work with this for a while, I noticed on some occasions I was giving advice, but mostly I was teaching and sharing information, information they didn’t have. What struck me without exception was that the majority of people in possession of the facts and necessary information available could make informed and wise decisions. The art of teaching and sharing information continues to be one of the most important life skills we can develop and it seems to me that Tony Robbins does a brilliant job of this. A wonderful and prolific teller of stories laced with his own wisdom and knowledge, which he enthusiastically shares.

So it occurs to me in this moment, that there really is nothing to get, just someone to be. The best me…


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