Thought Experiments

I love thought experiments, they’re popular with clients, fun and failure free.  ‘Everything is a case study’ according to Ray Dalio in his superlative management book Principles.  This doesn’t apply only to work but life in general,

These experiments ask ‘what if?’  What if  perceptions designed to hold us back weren’t true?  Perhaps a convincing personal illusion that encourages our rear ends to sink deep into our zone of comfort.

Case studies or thought experiments can’t fail, they only test what we believe, testing out what’s possible, a series of curiosities or hypotheses.  What if Grant Cardone is right about the 10X Rule?  What if we could improve our performance in any area of our lives by ten times?  

Brian Tracy (Eat That Frog)  would advise do 5 things everyday to take you closer to your goals and keep going until you get there. He also cautions us about sub-consciously adopting the beliefs of the people around us – don’t be discouraged.

Go ahead, test your hypothesis, there’s no peer review or publication required. Nobody need know.


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