Be Truthful not Neutral

    Christiane Amanpour CBE is a journalist, CNN Anchor and television host.  I’ve been listening to her being interviewed by  Brian Rose of London Real, she speaks with wisdom, knowledge and purpose.  Her purpose, transparent and invigorating, is that of truth seeker.  

    London Real, is a global media company, educating, inspiring and informing; it’s for people tired of mainstream media and is an ‘unedited look into the world of real people.’  I recommend everyone dip their toe into this eclectic, exemplar pick and mix of personal development.  I’m going to share insights from Christiane Amanpour but I recommend watching the full video at London Real.  Life has taught me that we all hear through our own personal filters, perhaps listen to the interview yourself, with nothing on your mind.

    I’m so invigorated by this interview, the pressure of being neutral under certain conditions can be overwhelming for truth tellers.  A coaching colleague of mine once said, ‘the truth doesn’t lie,’ and whilst this resonates, there are times when it can burn the hell out of a quiet and predictable existence.  Truth telling takes courage, endurance and a predisposition to internal fortitude; a Hero’s Journey beginning  with baby steps to full Marvel status.  I propose Ms Amanpour falls into the latter truth-teller status.  She talks of being courageous, having a vision and the guts to act, she knows that popularity is at stake if your job is to tell the truth — we just have to be gutsy enough.  The interview is an hour long but core qualities of a Marvel graded truth teller looks a little like this it would seem:

  • Be truthful not neutral.
  • Be courageous.
  • Have a vision. 
  • Have the guts to act.
  • Stare down propaganda and false accusations.
  • Take your profession seriously.
  • Bring your experience to the table — knowledge versus opinion.
  • Don’t get depressed, it’s a troubled world.
  • Find your purpose and mission.
  • Be responsible for finding the truth.
  • Find your algorithm during troubles and don’t seek safe spaces.
  • Find views that conflict with yours and debate them.
  • Don’t put yourself in a corner.
  • Believe in the power of truth.

    This interview struck me as one that could have been about professionalism as much as journalism.  In any profession there will be ‘players’ who have their own version of the truth, people reluctant to intervene use variations of the truth to selectively take sides — morally equivocating,  a practice of half-truths.  But we must stare down this behaviour when people attempt to delegitimise us according to Ms Amanpour.  Our biggest challenge,  who to believe in a post truth world?


‘Believe in the power of truth.’

                                        Christiane Amanpour CBE



*Gratitude to Brian Rose and London Real TV


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